1. Cut the styrofoam ball in half.

2. Glue small magnet on cut side of egg.

3. Cut some tiny eyes and a nose from the felt scraps and glue them onto the thinnest end of the egg shaped styrofoam.

4. Cut two small pieces of the pipe cleaner to make loops for the ears and glue them on.

5. Use the other half of the pipe cleaner for a tail and glue it on.

6. Glue 3 tiny tree twigs on both sides of the nose.


1 styrofoam ball (about the size of a small mouse) If possible, get an egg shaped styrofoam ball, this works perfect; glue; scissors; scrap felt; 1 long pipe cleaner; 6 tiny, tiny tree twigs (for mouse whiskers).


make a mouse magnet
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