Four chairs are placed in a row, one behind the other.
Campers sit behind the last chair (and all chairs are facing the same direction the campers are facing.

One person is chosed to be "IT" (the Mayor) and sits in the first chair (farthest away from the group).

Leader silently chooses someone to "visit" the Mayor.
The Visitor sits in the last chair (closest to the campers) and asks in a disguised voice, "Mr. (or Miss) Mayor,
Mr. Mayor, do you know who I am?"

The Mayor guesses who the camper might be. If the Mayor guesses correctly, the Visitor returns to the group and another Visitor is chosen. If the Mayor guesses incorrectly, the Visitor moves up a chair -towards the Mayor - and asks again; the game continues.

If the Visitor gets to the final chair and the Mayor still hasn't guessed correctly, the Visitor becomes the new Mayor and the old Mayor gets to choose the next Visitor. Voila!


Chairs or floor markers


Objective: Try to become the next Mayor by disguising your voice; Try to stay the Mayor by listening closely
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Submitted by: Monica McMurtry

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