Preparation for this evening actually begins during the first or second week of camp. Our videographer begins videoing cabin skits/videos. They will then put the song and skit together to come up with the cabins own music video.

This night is similar to a night at the Oscar’s or the Grammy’s. After numerous announcements from “special guests” throughout the day, the evening officially begins at dinner. Dressed in their nicest attire, staff and campers walk into the dining hall that has been transformed into an elegant ballroom. The normal rectangular shaped, family style, camp, dining tables have been changed out with formal, white-clothed, round tables including flower arrangements, silver, and champagne glasses. Dinner music is being played over the background sound system, and waiters and waitresses are serving filet mignon and ________ as the meal.

Following dinner, everyone gathers in a pavilion decorated with lights, a big screen, sound system, and “Grammy-like” seating too find out which video will win this year’s contest. The leadership or evening program staff, dressed in their favorite movie star’s outfit, introduces each cabin’s video with a skit of their own. Each camper watches as their cabin appears on the big screen as if they were in their own MTV music video. To recognize additional cabins and campers, prizes are given to the Funniest Video, Most Original, Second Runner Up, Runner Up, and Best All Around Video.

The video’s can then be burned onto a CD and given as Christmas gifts, sold in your camp store, or used as marketing material later in the Fall.


Video Camera, speaker with microphone, video projection system (you can rent one from any rental company)
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Brian Manhart, (Camp Balcones Springs)

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