this a great game to get campers really excited and do stuff they would never think of doing anywhere else but camp

its important the right atmosphere is set. for example, we had the kids led up to the lunchroom by counsellors with torches, all the consellors inside were dressed up in garbage bags or tribal stuff (masks, facepaint, etc.).

the kids are split up into 2 teams, which each sit in a circle. each team is given a sealed envelope. the lights are flashed on and off and the counsellors juump around and chant "MYSTERY ENVELOPE! MYSTERY ENVELOPE!"-->very intense :) when you stop flashing the lights, the kid whos holding the envelope has to open it and do the task inside (we like to write the tasks in creepy poem form)

the tasks could be ANYTHING. we like to do gross tasks, but they could be something else. examples of past tasks are eating sardines, picking someone elses nose, a crazy race, wearing the "mystery sock" (a sock filled with all sorts of goodies, such as ketchup, eggs, etc.), sucking ketchup of someone elses toes, and blowing bubbles in the "slop bucket" (the leftover liquids from the previous meal). again, the tasks dont have to be gross, but its certainly more fun that way.

generally, the kids wont back down because the atmosphere is so intense. whoever wins the task wins a point for their team. we generally dont bother keeping points. we play ten rounds.


its very messy, so you need ot prepare for that (taping tablecloths to the floor, etc) you also need ot prepare the tasks beforehand. mystery envelope usually requires a fair amount of set-up


just have fun and let loose.
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Submitted by: Jake Goldstein

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