This is a great song I made up. It's really funny!

Eggman: My name is Eggman, and I'm the best, but my plans are always stopped by that blue pest! (Slams fists on table) They think I'm mad, (types on keyboard) but I'm quite keen. If you don't believe me try Mean Bean Machine!

Sonic: My name is Sonic! I'm the blue blur, I have running shoes and spiny cyan fur. I'm blazing fast, as you all know! If you don't pick me in Brawl, then you're too slow!!

Tails: My name is Miles, but Tails is what they call me... I'm very little. I don't have any family... I'm just an orphan, will somebody adopt me?... ...Cause...I...Can... spin my tails and fly real high and build you new technology!

Knuckles: I'm called Knuckles. Yeah, that's my name... I don't know why I'm singing, this is lame. I'm an echidna, what else to say? I protect the Chaos Emeralds, now go away!

Sonic: Knuckles, that wasn't very musical.

Eggman: Yes! My verse was far superior!

Knuckles: I don't like singing, okay!

Tails: Aww c'mon, Knux...

Sonic: Yeah, c'mon, step it up!

Eggman: Sounded a bit flat, too...

Knuckles: I wasn't flat... Everyone just leave me alone!!

Amy: Hello, I'm Amy, I'm Sonic's girl, and every time we hug...

Sonic: I wanna hurl.

Amy: We'll have a family. Ten kids in all! And when we're wed...

Sonic: I hope I'm dead...

Amy: He'll be my baby doll!

Eggman: Everyone shut it! It's my verse again! (Sonic hits himself in the face, Tails holds breath, and Amy stares at watch)
My Death Egg will make you scream and shout! It's got some dings, but I can buff those out... Sky Chase, Launch Base, any act is fine... All your zones will soon be mine!

Sonic: Give it up, Eggman!

Tails: Yeah, your plans never work!

Eggman: Well how about this EggBot? Eek it's going berserk!! (EggBot starts acting crazy but is silent)

Amy: Oh, Sonic dear!

Sonic: We're back to you...

Amy: I want you near!

Eggman: On fire, too!

Amy: Your emerald eyes...

Knuckles: Is this over yet?...

Amy: And darling rear!

Tails: Eew...

Amy: Please marry me!

Sonic: I'd rather not...

Amy: your bride to be!

Sonic: You're not that hot...

Amy: Hedgehog and wife...

Eggman: (scream)

Amy: Eternally...

Sonic: Now just one sec, if we're a pair, I'm not aware...

Eggman: I have to change my underwear... (Hits EggBot with a broom lightly)

Sonic: So, Amy Rose, please don't propose...

Tails: Hey, Sonic I'm afraid I made a mess! Is this how you spell "Sonic says"? shows a sign saying "Sonic sez".

Eggman: My name is Eggman...Robotnik, too.

Sonic: And I'm Sonic. I'm a streak of red and blue!

Tails: I'm Tails Prower.

Amy: I'm Amy Rose! This is Knuckles the echidna...

Knuckles: Chaos Control! (Raises Chaos Emerald)

Tails: I'm second player!

Eggman: I'm evil and I'm greedy!

Amy: I'm in love with Sonic!

Sonic: I'm known for being speedy!

Everyone except Knuckles: We go together like frankfurters and chili...

Knuckles: What?

Everyone except Knuckles: So...Thanks...For... Playing on and staying true, cause Nintendon't what we all do! For 20 years of spin dashing, for hyping up, blast processing. For shuttle loops and home attacks. For pinball zones and Big the cat. For Blue Typhoon and Sonic Boom. For rings and things, thanks one and all to you... SEGA!!!


Someone to be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and EggBot A sign that says "Sonic Sez" in all capitals costumes for all characters (optional) Area with a table, rolling chir, and keyboard A place for your Sonic to run Some "technology" for your Tails to work with Some kind of plastic gem in the shape of an emerald for Knuckles


To humor audience
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Submitted by: Miles Prower

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