Using Reflective tape, you can design a whole series of reflective picture stickers which can be put onto a plastic or perspex backing. These are then attached through an area of bush or forest. The idea is to make each marker visible by torch light from the previous marker.

You set up a trail of around 20 to 30 reflective pictures.

As the pictures shine back with torch light it works really well as kids who might be quite fearful of going into the bush at night get really excited as they seek out the next picture and have a lot of fun doing so.

It can also be used as a group memory game.... when the group gets back to base they will need to recall all the markers in sequence before hot chocolate is served.


20 to 30 Reflective pictures mounted on a plastic backing. (Pictures are preferably nature orientated, bugs, animals etc.) It is also good to put them in a numerical sequence. Hint - get someone creative to make the pictures out of scrap reflective adhesive material such as used by sign writers. Pictures should be numbered and not much bigger than 10 - 15cm in diameter.


Conquer fear of the dark. Group support and encouragement. Group memory test.
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Submitted by: Scott Cronwright

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