Capture the Flag REDUX is an outdoor adventure game that’s played when it’s dark. The ideal number of players ranges from 8-30 and it can be experienced in any setting with space to run and no tripping hazards.

It is played after sunset.

To win the game, you must sneak into the other team’s territory, steal their glowing Orb, and get it back to your side without being tagged. Tagged players go to “jail” and can only be rescued when a teammate sneaks over to the jail and tags them. This is called a “jail break” and both the tagging player and the jailed players get to return to their home territory.

Other rules include: players must stand at least 15 feet away from their team’s Orb and jail, and the game’s lights cannot be turned off or covered.


One LED light kit (available at


Work together as a team to form a strategy. Demonstrate your stealth and speed as an individual. Do something fun after sunset that doesn't involve a TV/phone screen!
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Submitted by: Judd King, (VP of Marketing - Blue Sky Options)

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