Get everyone in a large circle, they all face each other and bow like ninjas to each other. Then, have everyone spring back (making sure no one hits another), and make a ninja-like-stance. Then, select one person to start the game. To play, have the chosen participant try to hit another player near them hand's; however, once they move, they must stay in that position until someone tries to hit them. MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT HIT ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE HANDS. If a player has their hand hit, they must put the attacked hand behind their back, they can no longer use that hand to attack. If both hands are hit and behind they player's back, they are out. Make sure there is only one person going at a time, if there are multiple fighting, it will get confusing. Try to make the players go in a cirle motion, it doesn't matter if it's clock-wise, or counter-clock-wise, just in a circle with one person going at a time. Keep this going until there are two people left. If desired, have the last two fight until there is only one.


None, just a large room with no furniture or with the furniture pushed away from the center of the room. Have adult supervision if there are players under the age of six.


To have two people left, those two are then the winners. If desired, have the two fight until there is a winner.
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Submitted by: Rebecca Lawson

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