You may want to start the activity with the traditional name toss. You can however, play this as a stand-alone activity.

Once the group has successfully completed the task, instruct them to be completely silent. Tell them that they must now pass a wink or nod to someone, who in turn, passes the nod/wink to a different person.

To pass a wink, a person simply winks at a different person, who first winks back at them to acknowlege that he/she "caught" the wink, and then winks at a different person in the circle. And so on...


1) Instruct the group to begin passing winks as described above. Then tell the group that you will also have nods, nose-thumbing, tongues sticking-out, and others.
2) Participants do not need to stay in any particular passing order - however, if you receive a nod, you must pass a nod, receive a wink, pass a wink, etc.

Good times!
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