Oh, I was born one night one morn,
when the whistle went toot, toot (TOOT, TOOT!)
You can bake a steak or fry a cake
when the mud pies are in bloom
does 6 and 6 make 9?
does ice grow on a vine?
is old man Joe an eskimo
in the good ol' summertime?
Oh, a loop-de-loop in the noodle soup,
go give socks a shine
I'm guilty judge, I stole the fudge
3 cheers for auld lang syne
I cannot tell a lie, I hooked an apple pie,
it's on a tree, beneath the sea, above the bright blue sky!
Oh, easter eggs don't shave their legs,
their children will have ducks (QUACK, QUACK!)
I'd rather buy a lemon pie for 47 bucks
way down in Barcelonea,
I jumped into a foamea,
but that is all balonea,
Patterisky blow your horn, TOOT, TOOT!
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