The leader gathers the group together. Using the compass, they all learn how to determine which direction is north. Someone from the group is asked to select an object that is directly north (e.g. a tree, or a doorstep, or a post ). The group then decides on an object that lies directly south, one that lies directly east, and one that lies directly west.

Everyone assembles in the center of the playing area. The leader calls out one of "NORTH", "SOUTH", "EAST" or "WEST", and everyone runs to touch the object that lies in that direction. The last person to touch the object is eliminated.

After playing a few rounds of the game, play can stop, and objects for the intercardinal points (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest) can be added. Every one can begin the game again, as all points are used. A great game to introduce the skill of orienteering!


1 compass
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