When I was 18 I started babysitting my Aunt's youngest three kids. I always got a very uneasy feeling when I went into her house, the only reason I agreed to stay in house was because I was just out of High School and I needed the money.

You need to know that her house is a bi-level. When entering her house you have to go either upstairs (to the right), or downstairs (to the left).

Almost right away weird things started to happen. At first it was small things like thumping on the walls, things going missing, and so on. But then things started getting more and more scary.

One morning I was in the kitchen fixing their breakfast while the three kids (ages 5 to 9) were in the living room watching TV. From where I was standing I could see all three of them sitting on the couch. The middle girl got up to go to the bathroom. Halfway down the hall she turned around ran back to me and started crying. When I asked what was wrong, she said she saw a man walk from her room to her brother's room. My first thought was oh my God someone is in the house! I made the three kids go outside while grabbed a ball bat and searched both rooms. No one was there. I asked her to tell me what he looked like. She described in detail the clothes he was wearing, I have to tell you she is not the kind of kid that makes up things, and just by seeing how scared she was, I knew she was telling the truth.

There are so many things that happened that it would take me forever to describe them to you.

Several weeks later all four of us were eating breakfast in the living room when we heard someone (it sounded like a girl or a young boy) say "help" and then the sound of someone falling down the stairs. Now while everything that happened upstairs was scary, none of it felt like it would be harmful. I can not say the same thing about the downstairs. I would not even let the kids go down there by themselves. I call the area the "center point of evil".

One day day in the spring we had horrible thunderstorms. The schools had let the kids out early because of the weather. Around four o'clock a Tornado Watch was issued. As much as I hated the downstairs, we all went down there for our safety. All four of us were huddled in a pile in the far corner of the room. From where we were we could see down the small hallway into the laundry room. All of a sudden a black figure in the form of a person started to come out of the laundry room, paused, and then started moving down the hallway. I did the only thing I could think of I asked my Great Grandfather for help. He is always the spirit I turn to for strength. I said "Grandpa I'm so scared" As soon as I said this the thing disappeared. I have no idea if this was a coincidence or if my Grandpa had something to do with it.

Shortly after this happened I quit, I could not take it anymore. My Aunt still lives in the house and I refuse to go farther than her front yard.
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