This song is just like Old MacDonald, but with a fun twist to it. One of my Webelos Scout dens came up with this idea, and everyone loved it, so I figured I would share. It is something that is best done at the end of the camp experience so you have the most accurate observations.

The best way to explain it is to show you what our final song was....

Old (Camp Director's name) had a camp, EIEIO (If you want more laughs, you can try to spell your camp's name there.)

and on that camp he had a (Waterfront Director's name), EIEIO.
With a "Buddy up" here
and a "Buddy up" there
Here a "Buddy"
There a "Buddy"
Everywhere a "Buddy up"
Old (Camp Director's name) had a camp, EIEIO.

Other verses:

(Camp Nurse's name) "Drink water" here, "Drink water" there. Here a "drink," there a "drink," everywhere a "Drink, drink."

Scout camp...(Program Director's name) "Signs Up" here

We even had a den leader who was so famous for giving high-fives that he got a cheer for "High-five" here, "High-five" there.

It usually works for kids 10 and older. Just have them write it. Don't try to do it yourself or the kids might not understand. If the kids do it, they'll have fun, the other kids will laugh, and the staff with have a hoot and will be honored that they are in a song.

It's a great challenge to give the kids (secretly, so the staff doesn't know) in the beginning of the week. That way, if they know it's okay to poke a bit of fun at them, the staff-camper relationship is more friendly, and they pay more attention to the staff, listening for common phrases that would fit in the song.
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Submitted by: Brianna Chamberlain

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