LEADER: I'm going to leave
GROUP: I'm going to leave

LEADER: Old Texas now
GROUP: Old Texas now

LEADER: They've got no use
GROUP: They've got no use

LEADER: For the long horned cow
GROUP: For the long horned cow

LEADER: They've plowed and fenced
GROUP: They've plowed and fenced

LEADER: My cattle range
GROUP: My cattle range

LEADER: And the people there
GROUP: And the people there

LEADER: Are all so strange
GROUP: Are all so strange

LEADER: Say Adios!
GROUP: Say Adios!

LEADER: To the Alamo
GROUP: To the Alamo

LEADER: And hit the trail
GROUP: And hit the trail

LEADER: For Mexico
GROUP: For Mexico


Good listening skills


Have fun!
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Submitted by: Marilyn Simmonds-Cole, (Camp Director & Creativity Diva - CreatiVe Intentions Kids' Camp)

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