Everyone gets in a circle and sits crossed legged. One person will start the beat, and everyone will contiue the beat by patting their hands on their laps. The beat will continue throughout the game.

The chant for this game is ONE FROG, IN THE WATER, KERPLUNK. The first person will start by saying ONE FROG on the beat. The person to the left of them will say IN THE WATER, the person to the left of them will say KERPLUNK. After the first three people say this it goes TWO FROGS, TWO FROGS..... the games continues with each part of the chant being said the number of times as there are frogs.

When a person makes a mistake they are put in the middle to distract the other players. Each player can only say one part of the chant at a time. The beat should stay the same throughout.
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Submitted by: Samantha Hoffer

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