Nominate each person with a number example 1 - 10. First start by saying ex: no 1 will say "I'm no 1 spot I have no spots how many spots has 5 spot got". Then no 5 will say "I'm no 5 spot I have no spots how many spots has 8 spot got.

After a few drinks they will make mistakes in their speech and hesitate if they do either you then put a spot on their forhead from the burnt cork. They will now say I'm no 8 spot I've got 1 spot how many spots has 10 spot got and more and more spots are added to everyones face and it becomes very funny and everyone forgets how many spots they have on their forhead.

So why not try it.
Requirements bottle cork burnt at one end.


Freshly burn cork of a bottle.


Great fun, laughter and very enjoyable
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Submitted by: Linda Fisher

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