No need to shower this morning, you will be getting messy... Wear clothes you donít mind getting dirty.

Slimy slip and slide, gross sandwich contest, huge food fight, and homemade oopy goop.

Have the kids bring in anything they can think of, just no glass containers! Ketchup, anchovies, salad dressing, whip cream, syrup, and anything else. Use these for the slimy slip and slide as well as the food fight.

Gross sandwich contest is pretty self explanitory, have kids bring in the most disgusting sandwiches they can think of and the winner is the grossest sandwich.

Food fight rules are important, make sure to have a specific area for the food fight and strict rules about what happens if you bring food outside the area, otherwise all "heck" breaks loose.

Finally homemade oopy goop, or ooblec is a mix of water, lots of corn starch, and food coloring. This will make a consistancy similar to silly puddy. It's best if you make it in small individual ziplock bags.

Have fun and get ready to get messy!


Messy foods in nonglass materials, individual ziplock bags, lots of corn starch, food coloring, and slip and slide


To have a fun and messy day
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Submitted by: Pam Cyr

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