Split the group into two or more teams. Each team will (in secrecy) designate one person to be a general, four to be guards and the rest infantry. The general has one life and if they are caught the game is over. Guards have two lives and infantry have four. Once one of these two has maxed out their lives, they become spies. If someone is caught they must stand in jail with a ref (camp leader) for a minute or two. To simplify, it's basically capture the flag except the flag is a person, you can be caught anywhere and it is more physically intense.


Flags to go around the waist and differentiate teams a place to act as jail a setting with many hiding spaces and a lot of field (preferably) an extra item (I.E. a ball, a card, toy car, etc.) to be found for bonus points (optional)


Capture the general.
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Submitted by: Matt Johnston

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