Divide group into at least 5 teams with 4 or more players per team.

Set up cones in a large circle and assign one cone per team.

Each team lines up behind their cone, on the inside of the circle, with the first player in front of the cone on the outside of the circle.

When the leader calls out start (or blows a whistle), the first person must run around all cones, chasing the person in front of them. The team behind them will be chasing them.

After one lap, you tag the next person in line who repeats the process when the leader starts the next round. If you are tagged in while on your lap, you continue on your lap and sit down at the end of your line after you tag the next person in line.

The game is over when only one team has any remaining players standing.


At least 5 teams, cone for each team and 20 or more people


Catch the person in front, and don't get caught from behind
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Submitted by: Darren Bradt

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