1. On one paper plate, fold about a third of the plate over (have the bottom of the plate facing forward). This paper plate will be the owl's head.

2. On the folded part, cut two short slits and fold them back up. (These will be the owl's tufts - although they look like ears, they are only feathers. An owl's ears are simple holes on the sides of the head).

3. Glue the center section down. Glue googly eyes on the folded-down section (or cut two large circles and glue them down, then draw a dark dot in the center).

4. Using construction paper, cut a small half-circle with a little square off the rounded side. Curve the edges around, forming a cone.

5. Glue or staple it shut. Glue the cone to the paper plate (using the rectangle, folded inside the cone), just beneath the folded part of the paper plate. Glue or staple the head to another paper plate.

6. Cut another paper plate in half (these will be the wings). Glue or staple the wings to the body at a slight angle.

7.Using construction paper, cut two tiny feet. Glue them to the body Color in the owl, drawing feathers, wings, or other patterns.


3 paper plates Yellow, brown or orange construction paper Scissors Glue (or a stapler) Googly eyes (optional) Crayons, paint or markers


This simple-to-make owl is a cute craft that is made from three paper plates
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