1. Cut the construction paper into 10" x 10" or 12" x 12" pieces. Shape into a party hat (funnel style). With hole punch, punch a hole in both sides of bottom of hat evenly across from each other for yarn ties. Tie a piece of yarn into a knot on both holes leaving enough yarn dangling to tie under child's chin.

2. Pass out a napkin, cup completed hat, and a plate to each child attending the party.

3.. Allow each child to decorate their party supplies the way they want with stickers, markers, and stamps, paints and crayons.


Napkins (plain, white); stamps, stickers or markers; construction paper in variety of colors; paper plates (plain, white); Styrofoam cups (white); hole punch; scraps of yarn.


This is a great kids party idea because it's a craft the children can create as well as the party supplies. Note: Do not place food on plates once decorated. They are just for the festivities. You may place beverages inside of the decorated cups.
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