1. Children form a circle on the floor, sitting close to one another.
2. Someone who is not in the game turns on some music and the children start passing the parcel around the circle. At random intervals, the music person will turn off the music. It is very important that the music person NOT see what is going on in the circle! Their back should be to the circle.
3. As long as the music is playing, the players pass the parcel. When the music stops, the person who happens to be holding the package tries to open it. As soon as the music starts up again, he or she must pass the parcel along again, keeping the wrappings as intact as possible.
4. Only when the music stops can wrapping paper be removed.
5. The person who opens the gift gets to keep it.


1. Wrap a small gift (candy bar or something like that) in gift wrap, taping all the places where the gift wrap meets. Put a ribbon around the package. Then put the package into a box large enough to accommodate the gift and repeat the process. Add at least one more layer of wrapping. 2.Have a CD or cassette player with some music ready to play. One person will turn on and off the music without watching what is happening in the circle.


The goal is to unwrap the parcel, which has been securely wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape.
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Submitted by: Madeleine Gregg, (Program Director - FCJ TLC)

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