Every one starts with their hands in the middle on top of each other. The lead person(usually the person that won the last game) will give everyone a number. Then the leader says "PDQ" and everyone jumps back.

Now the only person that can initiate a jump (straight up in to the air) is the person whose turn it is according to their number.

So, the first person that can jump is #1.

Once #1 has jumped then everyone else can jump if they want. There are 4 ways to get out.

1) If someone lands on your feet
2) If the initiator fakes and you leave the ground
3) if you jump out of order (3 initiates before 2), and
4) you simply pivot and both of your feet don't leave the ground.

If you are out then you are out until the next game. If someone is out then you simply skip their number and go to the next number.

The winner of the game is then the leader of the next round.
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