With everyone standing in a circle, the group starts with any player. The player will clasp their hands together with their four fingers touching each other touching their thumbs (like impersonating a mouth with the hands). They will "mouth" to themselves and say "peeka peeka" and then make the same hand motion outward, passing the "peeka" to someone else in the circle by saying "peeka peeka" again. At the same time, the two people on either side of the person who is it are saying "chunga chunga, chunga chunga" and moving their hands in a "Johnny Bravo" motion facing the person who is saying "peeka peeka". The "peeka" is passed around the circle and the people next to the person who is it are saying "chunga". If someone misses their turn to say "peeka" or "chunga" then they are out. The last three left win.
*Note: The "peeka" can be passed to someone who is next to the person that is it. They just need to switch directly into saying "chunga".
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Submitted by: Jadzia Hutchings

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