You should have a group of at least 4-5 people who will be doing the skit. Naturally, make sure they know exactly what is going on ahead of time. Give each group member a penny and a large glass of ice water.

You tell the audience you need volunteers. Each group member will pick one volunteer so that there is exactly one volunteer for each volunteer. **Make sure you choose volunteers who do not embarrass easily and have a good sense of humor.** Teachers/adults/counselors are preferable because it really makes the kids laugh.

Tell the volunteers that they are participating in a game. In this game they have to put the penny on their forehead and try to drop it down into the front of their pants. Whoever does this first will win a prize. This whole time you and members of your group should be nonchalantly sipping your glasses of ice water.

Say "Read, Set, Go!" As the volunteers hold out the front of their pants trying to drop the penny in, (which is actually a little more difficult than you may think) you and the members of the group get beside the volunteer you previously chose. Silently count with your group members "3...2...1" and then dump your glass of ice water down the front of their pants, which they are conveniently holding out for you. I have never heard a group of kids laugh so hard!


4-10 Group members (same # as volunteers) 4-10 Volunteers (same # as group members) One large glass of ice water for each group member. One penny for each volunteer.
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Submitted by: Williamstown Elementary

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