(point up) waaaay up north where theres ice and snow,
(do three flashes wth your hands while going down) and the tempature drops to forty below,
(shrug with your hands too) whos the frendliest one we know?,

*chorus*(make circles in front of face) percy the pale faced (put one hand out like a claw) polar (put other hand out) bear grr,

(put hand by face like sleeping)sleeps all day then at night,
(act like reeling in fish)goes fishin by the (circle hand by face) pale moon light,
(say) then one day...
(say) a hunter came!
(sing and grab your nose) and gabed poor percy by the snout
(make a square with you hands) lock him in a great big cage

now he lives inside a zoo
funny thing he like it too
(make a shape of a woman)cuz he met his girl frieng there,


a voice


have fun
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Submitted by: Mary Gibeau

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