The field is split into 4 equal quadrants. Each corner of the field has a cone and a different color hoola hoop in front of it. Inside each hoola hoop are 3 balls of the cooresponding color. The campers are split up into 4 teams, where each team wears a different color pinny (one that matches the color of the hoola hoop/balls in that quadrant) The object of the game is to run to the different quadrant and steal the other teams ball until you have one ball from each team. the first team to get a ball from each of the other team wins. Once a camper steps outside their quadrant, someone from that quadrant is able to tag them, and if the camper is tagged, they are to sit behind the cone in the quadrant they were tagged. To get out of "jail" they have to be tagged by someone from their own team. When a camper steals one of the other teams balls, they can throw it back to their own quadrant for one of their teammates to catch. if the ball is dropped, it has to be returned back to that quadrant.


get a ball from each of the other teams into your hoola hoop
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Submitted by: Deanna C

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