The object of the game is to get from one side of a field/gym to the other without getting tagged by the "Pizza Makers."

Two "pizza makers" are picked to be "it." The rest of the players are "toppings."

Ask the rest of the group to stand on one side of the field/gym.

Assign each player a topping. For example; Tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, etc. The easiest way is to pick three topping and then give everybody one of those three toppings.

The "pizza makers" stand in the middle and call out a topping. The players whose topping was named then try and get to the other side of the gym, without getting tagged by the "pizza makers".

If they get tagged, they become a pizza maker and help the other pizza makers decide what topping to call out next and tag "toppings' as they run by.

Lots of fun with a big group!


Large area.


To get to the other side of the gym without getting caught.
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Submitted by: Marissa Stein

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