Game starts with everyone inside the boundaries and the ball(s) being tossed very high into the air.

Any player can take possession of the (any) ball after it has bounced once.

Once a player has a ball, they can only move two steps.

They try to hit another player with the ball (feel free to add your own limitations, for safety, i.e. below the neck, below the waist, feet only).

If you are hit with a ball you go out of bounds.

If the player who got you out, gets out, you go back in.

If you catch a thrown ball, the thrower is out.

When there are only three players left, "poisonball" is called, no one can go back in, and the two step restriction is lifted.

Players who are active should stay in bounds, players who are waiting to go back in should retreive balls that go out of bounds, if possible.


Boundaries and a ball or three


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Submitted by: John Voegtlin, (Assistant Coordinator - Big City Day Camp (currently))

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