Line the kids up shoulder to shoulder along a line. Explain the following rules:

1.The game is alot like Simon Says, but it requires several actions on the part of the players.
2.The leader will call out a series of commands that the kids follow.
3. The playing space is divided up into three parts: high deck, low deck and poop deck. The high deck and low deck are the two ends with the poopdeck in the middle.
Instructions and Actions
1. “Hit the deck” -all players get on the floor, stomach down.
2. “Salute the captain”- all players salute the captain.
NOTE: they cannot put down their hand until the captain says “at ease”
3. “Be the Captain”- groups of two kids get together with one kid being on all fours and the other with their foot on the first kids back while saluting the captain. (At ease is not needed here)
4. “Row your boat”- groups of three get together back to front and pretend to be rowing a canoe.
5.”Eat at the Table”- groups of four get together and pretend to eat at a table.
6. “Man overboard”- everyone gets on the floor and pretends to be swimming.
7. “Mutant Jellyfish” -kids get on the floor and raise their arms and legs and pretend to be a jellyfish.


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Submitted by: Kathleen Watkins

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