Have everyone sit in a circle.
One person needs to íleaderí the game and one person to be the 'Detective.
The detective should change every round. But the leader can be a leader in charge of the game.
The detective will be removed from the group so that the overseer can choose someone to be the poison dart frog. ' The leader will have everyone close their eyes then will then walk around and tap somebody. That person is the 'Poison Dart Frog,' but they can't tell anyone else.
When everyone opens their eyes, and the detective will sit or stand in the middle of the circle and start working on trying to figure out who the frog is.
Meanwhile, when the 'Detective' isn't looking, the 'Poison Dart Frog' will stick their tongue out at somebody. That person will have to 'die,' (fall over.)
The 'Frog' will continue to stick their tongue out at people.
When the 'Detective' thinks they know who the 'Frog' is, they guess.

I recommend three guesses they youíre out. And you can decide how you want choose people. The frog becomes the detective or chose two new people.


Children and time


The detective is trying to determine who the poison dart frog is. The frog is killing people when the detective isn't looking. HAVE FUN
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Submitted by: Marsha Herz

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