What you need:
· 1 marshmallow per camper.
· 2 Graham crackers/Marie Biscuits per camper.
· 2 pieces of chocolate per camper.
· 1 stick per camper (these can be reused, so make sure they are not thrown into the fire or broken).
· Black bag to put rubbish into.
· Bucket of water (just in case).
· Wood / charcoal, Fire starters, Matches
· Bricks / chalk line or some kind of boundary around the fire.

Make sure that the fire is up and going before any of the groups get there. Have the groups sit down and explain the rules of the fire to them:
· No running around the fire.
· No stepping inside the boundary.
· No waving sticks around.
· Tell your counsellor if your marshmallow catches fire – do not wave it around.

Make sure that they all understand the dangers of the fire.
Give each camper a marshmallow to put on a sick & roast. Once their marshmallow is done then can bring it over to the leader who will give them 2 Graham crackers / Marie Biscuits & 2 pieces of chocolate to make into a s’more. There are enough supplies for 1 s’more per camper!

What you need:
· Gold painted rocks
· Prizes for each camper

Campers will search for King’s ‘gold’. Let your group find as many gold pieces as they can. This ‘gold’ can then be taken to the activity leader and exchanged for prizes. Be sure that the campers know that they may not cross any roads; the gold will only be found on camp property. Younger campers should be given a smaller area to look in. Each camper gets only 1 prize, it does not matter how much gold they find.

What you need:
· Cardboard
· Scissors, Staplers, Glue
· Decorations

Campers will get to make their own crowns and decorate them with the jewels of their choice.

What you need:
· Dress up clothes
· Chairs and sheets to make tents
· Make up (all girls groups only)

Kids love to dress up and pretend. There are plenty of dress-up clothes, including lots of Royal garments. Allow campers to create their own place with the chairs and sheets. The older girls can have counsellors and CIT’s assist them with make up too.

What you need:
· Playing cards

Boys love to play cards. Teach campers a game like Slap Jack – the cards are shared out among players. Players hold their cards without looking at them. At the same time each player places a card face up, starting their own pile. If anyone places a Jack down any player can claim the pile by slapping their hand on the cards (they can do this to any pile), that player gets all the cards in that pile. If a player slaps their hand down and the card is NOT a Jack, they must give each of the other players 1 of their cards. The player who ends with all the cards wins.

What you need:
· Cardboard box pieces
· Scissors, Glue, Staplers
· Glitter pens
· Colored thin cardboard
· Egg boxes

Read or tell the girls the story of Cinderella. Then have each camper make their own ‘glass’ slipper. Each camper will be given a piece of a cardboard box. They must trace around their own shoe and cut the shape out. They will then each get a few strips of thinner cardboard to make the straps of the slipper across the front of the shoe. This can be done anyway they like. Campers can then decorate the slipper with glitter pens, markers, crayons, etc. They can also place their initials on the slipper in fancy writing. A heel is made using a piece of an egg box.

What you need:
· Plastic goblets
· Glass paint, Paint Brushes
· Newspaper / trash bags to cover the table

Each camper is given a plastic goblet to decorate with glass paint. When the paint is dry the goblet will be fit for use and should be able to survive cleaning. Campers can decorate with their name or any design they wish.
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Submitted by: Alison Smith, (Director - Camp Sonshine Africa)

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