Here is the original "Princess Pat" - a song sung by Princess Patricia's Light Infantry of Canada (the Rickadando being their red, gold, & purple flag):

The Princess Patís Light Infantry
They sailed across the seven seas
They sailed across the channel too
And they took with them, the Rickadandoo.

The Rickadandoo, now what is that?
Itís something made by the Princess Pat
Itís red and gold, and purple too,
Thatís why itís called, the Rickadandoo.

Now Captain Jack, had a mightily fine crew,
They sailed across the channel too,
But his ship sank, and yours will too,
If you donít take the Rickadandoo.

The Princess Pat, saw Captain Jack,
She reeled him in, and brought him back,
She saved his life, and his crewís too,
And do you know how?ówith the Rickadandoo.
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Submitted by: Danielle D, (Menzies)

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