Start with a large playing area (the Castle). Then make a smaller square adjacent to the playing area (the Prison). Then mark off two cones on the opposite side of the prison as “the Main Gate.” Inside the larger square, mark off 3 circles(Safe Zones). The first one about 15 yards diagonally(left) away from the prison, the second one 15 yards diagonally(right) away from the first circle, and the third 15 yards diagonally(left) away from the second circle and 15 yards diagonally(right) before the ‘main gate’.

The group is split into two teams, Guards and Prisoners. The prisoners all wear tear-away flags and start in the prison. On the count of 3, the first prisoner will run into the castle, it is up to the guards to yell “PRISON BREAK!” to inform the other guards, and to pull off the prisoners’ flags.

The prisoners can only enter the castle 1 at a time. As soon as the first prisoner exits the prison, the next can go, and so on and so forth. The prisoners’ ultimate goal is to make it out the Main Gate, but to get there, they can use the Safe Zones. Once in a safe zone, the guards cannot pull the prisoners’ flags. If at any time a Prisoner loses a flag, he must return to the prison and wait for the rest of his team who also lost their flags. Once all back, they can re-think their plan of attack.

Guards must start 10 yards away from the prison and main gate, and 5 yards away from each safe zone. Also, no more then 2 guards can cover each section (prison, main gate, and 3 safe zones). Each camper who makes it to the first safe zone will get 2 points, second will get 4 points, third will get 6 points, and out the Main Gate will get 10 points for their team.


tear-away flags, cones
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Submitted by: Kris Scotto, (Counselor - Meadowbrook Day Camp)

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