Split all of the campers up into groups of 5-12 (by cabin, or grade, etc). Each group gets a bag of props and has an hour to come up with a skit using all of the props. Each group has the same props in their bag as everyone else. Points are awarded for using the props creatively, incorporating camp theme, etc.

For older groups, throw in a "surprise prop" right before they go on that they have to work into their skit somehow.

At the end, a group of staff can do one of the skits using the same props as the campers had.


Bags and Props: use things you already have (kickball, pool noodle, water gun, orange cone, etc)


Great for icebreaking and growing unity in the groups.
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Piper Dixon, (Program Director - San Juan Bible Camp)

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