1. Blindfold all players and gather them in a common area.
2. All players can start bumping into others asking “Prui?”
3. If the other player answers back “Prui?” then you have not found your Prui.
4. The group leader taps someone on the shoulder and whispers “You are the Prui”
5. The Prui is a magical animal which can see (opens her eyes) and cannot talk.
6. Once someone bumps into the Prui and asks “Prui?”, they will not hear anything in return, they grab hands, open their eyes, and become part of the Prui
7. The Prui grows by holding hands with the people who find it
8. If one finds the Prui, they can only hold hands at the end of the chain, so if they find two clasped hands, they must feel their way to the end of the line.


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