There are supposed to be at least 3 or 4 different people who know how the game works (if there are plenty of players). The leader will begin by saying that he/she is psychic. Nobody will believe this, so he/she must prove it.

Get everyone in a circle and place the chair and slverware in the middle of the circle. Place the silverware specifically on the chair and give someone in the circle a small wad of paper. The leader will announce that he/she will leave the room, but leave the silverware watching. The leader then leaves the room.

When the paper has been handed over, the leader will be called back in and will consult the silverware. The helpers will sit the same way the person with the paper is so that the leader will know who has the paper. The leader can draw it out as long as possible (waving his/her hand over some of the people's heads on the side of the circle that the paper ball is on, etc.)

WARNING!: If some of the people decide to see if it is really true and throw the paper ball out of the circle, so nobody has it, the helpers must do all different sitting positions from each other.

This game is a lot of fun if it is played right. Tell the campers at the end of camp how it worked, or keep it a secret, your choice!


paper ball, 2-4 helpers, fork spoon and knife, chairs to go around everybody in the circle and one for the middle, and one very good psychic actor!


confuse and have fun!
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Submitted by: Branwen Tala

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