This is a circle game that gets kids moving with a fun melody.

Everyone stands in a circle with one camper in the middle. Everyone in the circle holds hands and circles right singing:
What can you do, Punchinella, Punchinella?
What can you do, Punchinella in the shoe?

At this point the circle stops and the person in the middle must perform an action such as jumping jacks, or hopping on one foot, or acting like a monkey.

Everyone in the circle imitates the action while singing:
We can do it too, Punchinella, Punchinella.
We can do it too, Punchinella in the shoe.

Now it is time to pick a new person in the middle. The circle holds hands and starts to rotate again, singing:
Who do you choose, Punchinella, Punchinella?
Who do you choose, Punchinella in the shoe?

Meanwhile, Punchinella spins pointing at the circle and when the song ends, whoever the camper is pointing at becomes it and the whole game starts over.
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Submitted by: Laurie Horstman

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