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Purple Pancakes
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Purple Pancakes

Purple Pancakes


Pancake maker,a director,a camera man,four actors.

The director says we are filming a movie about a new product called PURPLE PANCAKES.Then he yells action!

The camera man is filming it all. One person with the bucket is stirring the pancakes, then another actor runs up and says hey, what are you making? The other guy says purple pancakes wanna try some. Sure! He eats it and falls over dead. Then the other two run up and act like paramedics and drag him off the screen.

The next part to this skit is the same person stirring his pancakes like a robot and the same person comes walking like a robot and says hey, what are you making. The other guy says purple pancakes wanna try some. Sure! He eats the pancakes and screams short circuit. Then the other two walk out looking like nerds and drag him off the screen.

Last the first guy is out stirring his pancakes looking like a pirate. Then the next guy runs out and says give me some of what is in your bucket or I will cut you head off. OK you can have whats in my bucket, take it all! The other guy eats all of the purple pancakes and yells I am going to be sea sick[he falls over and acts like he is sick.]Then the other two run out[dressed like pirates also] and yell arhhh, what ya been feeding our comrade, lets cut his head off.[Then a massive sword fight occurs.]

Then the director yells cut and everybody gets up and is happy. He says great job. Then the camara man says yes that was a good job, but I did not have any film in my camara. Then everybody chases him off the screen!

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