Four or more campers stand around in a group. The audience should be told that they are raisins in a bowl of Raisin Bran.

They all start singing, "Oh, its the raisins that make the Raisin Bran so great, o yea".

They keep repeating it until another scout runs onto the stage with their hands held above their head in an “o” shape so it looks like they have a spoon over their head.

Then all of the dancing scouts (or raisins!) scream, “SPOON!!”and run around. The spoon will take one raisin and take him away.

Keep repeating it until one raisin is left. Each time the raisins become more paranoid as they sing.

To make things exciting, you can have someone come out with their hands straight up and everyone can say "Fork!! Oh, fork… false alarm!"

Then when it is down to the last raisin, the spoon will take him/her away and he/she will sing, "I wish I was an Oscar-Mayer wiener!!!
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