One or all of the camp staff yell, "Tarzan!" Then the campers yell it back to them "Tarzan!"(always repeating) "Was swinging on a rubber band" "Tarzan!" "Got hit by a frying pan!" "Now Tarzan has a tan!" "And I hope it don't peel!" "Like a ba-nan-a!!"and do hand signs:arms apart above your head on ba, slap them together on nan, and sqiggle them down to your stomache on a. "Jane!" "was speeding on a bullet train!" "Jane!" "Got hit by an aero plane!" "Now Jane has a pain!" "And Tarzan has a tan!" "I hope it don't peel!" "Like a ba-nan-a!"(Do hand signs). "Cheetah!" "Was pumpin' to the beet-a!" "Cheetah!" "Was eaten by a miba!" "Now cheetah is velveta!" "And Jane has a pain!" "Tarzan has a tan!" "I hope you do not peel LIKE A BA-NAN-A!"(Do hand signs with a loud clap!!!)


You have to have a staff member there to lead the group.


To have fun and to wake up for a great day of camp!!
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Submitted by: Deliah Brown

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