Two guys enter a greasy spoon type of restaurant that has a waiter and a grill cook with a stained apron.

The cook says that all they have is soup and a hot dog. The first man says he will take the soup and the other man says he wants the same.

The cook tells them if one wants the soup the other has to have the hot dog.

The second man agrees and asks to have mustard put on the hot dog and the waiter leaves. The third asks if they steal, referring to the cook.

The first man says the cook will steal your shirt off your back if he could.

The first and second man get their order, the cook drops the silverware, then wiping them off with his dirty apron.

Second man tells the cook that he wanted mustard on his hot dog. The cook squeezes mustard off his apron onto the hot dog.

First man says that there is a fly in his soup. The cook retrieves the fly out of the soup, squeezing it, telling the fly to spit it all back.

The third man disgusted, makes a comment and walks out without his pants. His pants have been stolen.
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