Reverse Tie-Dye is an awesome craft idea that produces awesome effects.

Version 1
Take a coloured shirt, and tie up with elastic bands. Using gloves, mix 1 part bleach, with 3 parts water. Dip the entire shirt in the solution and let set for 20min. Rinse out excess solution and untie. The bleach removes colour out of the shirt, leaving the tied up sections the original colour. Wash the shirt with soap and water, rinse well and dry and it's ready to wear.

Version 2
With a white shirt, tie up with elastic bands to create the patterns. Following the instructions with the dye, and wearing gloves, Dye the shirt with black dye. Place the shirt in the plastic bag overnight to help the colour set. While still tied-up, rinse excess dye out of the shirt and then open. Wash the shirt with soap and water, rinse well and dry. The shirt is ready to wear!
-Optional, procede with the washed article and completely dye in another colour. The black will remain black, and everything else will be coloured (red works well, and light blue does too)


Version 1 -Coloured T-Shirt -Bleach -Water -Elastic Bands -Water -Gloves Version 2 -White T-Shirt -Black Fabric Dye -Water -Elastic Bands -Gloves -Zip-Loc Bag -Second dye color (optional)


Rather than the usual colourful tie-dye projects for camp, this art idea produces some rather unique effects. The bleach solution will make any coloured shirt an awesome memento of camp. If using Version 2, by dyeing the already black dyed shirt completely in another colour, the black will remain black and the shirt will have a solid colour under the black. For an even trippier effect, tie up again, and dye another colour to layer different effects and patterns of tie-dye!
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Submitted by: Maher El Hares , (Recreation Leader - City of Calgary, Community & Neighbourhood Services)

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