Bill Groganís Goat
Oh, there was an old man,
And he lived in a shack,
And he kept his goat,
Out in the back.

One day this goat,
Was a-feeliní fine,
He ate three red shirts,
right off the line.

Ole, Bill got mad,
And he gave him a whack,
And tied him to,
The railroad tracks.

The whistle blew,
And the train drew nigh,
Bill Groganís goat,
was doomed to die.

He gave three groans,
Three groans of pain,
Coughed up the shirt,
And flagged train.

But a button got stuck,
Right in the middle of this throat,
And that was the end,
Of Bill Groganís goat.
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Submitted by: Chrissie Light

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