The game was created by myself and a co-counselor during a video game themed week while working with 30 15 year old boys, hence the name Rez Eve (Resident Evil(Rezee, Rez, Rez Evil... Children are awesome)) and the scary nature of it.

The base of the game originates in what I know as "Manhunt" or, more commonly, "Army Tag" which is simply a version of tag wherein the person who is it tags others and those tagged become it with them until everyone is it.

Rez Eve is best played in a wooded area at night, however, with all games, imagination can overcome all obstacles. The players who are it are the "zombies" (roughly 10% of the players) and the rest are the "humans" (the rest). The zombies head in to the woods roughly 2-3 minutes before the humans do. The humans are given instructions that they are not allowed to turn off or cover their flashlights and that they must stay in groups of maximum 3 and must continue moving. Stopping is forbidden. Zombies are very susceptible to light. In fact, they can't move (though vicious noises and crazy eyes are encouraged)when they are in light, which leaves them only one option for getting humans: Hide and jump out at unsuspecting passersby. Only one human can be tagged per ambush (eating is tedious) and when this occurs, the tagged human must carry on looking for brains of their own to consume (...they are it as well).

NOTES: -Do not do this on a Co-Ed camp week.
- You may add additional rules such as one flashlight per group, or superzombies (do not run but are not effected by light). The sky's the limit.
- Have a campfire in a safe zone in case campers want to quit.
- Make sure everyone wears something dark, camo, or, as I prefer, a gilly suit.
- Do not play this game with any campers prone to running away.
- From my experience, girls weeks do not enjoy the game as much
- Storyline is HUGE for the scare effect.

Enjoy! This is one of my favorite games and as of right now it is the best game I've created. I actually play this with 18-26 year olds and it's an amazing time. Fun for all campers and staff!


Lots of brave campers and staff. Good storytelling ability. Night time.


Stay alive!
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Submitted by: Brent Riberdy, (Program Director - St. Vincent de Paul Camp - Bothwell)

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