A fun singing camp game!

To start the game, one person stands in middle of the circle and everyone starts to clap in a rhythm. The person in the middle begins the game by galloping around the circle while the group sings the following song:

Here we go, ride that pony, ride around that big fat pony, this is how we do it. (move in a galloping motion, swinging hand over head)

The middle person then stops in front of someone else and both partners perform the following lines and actions.

Stand facing each other and swing arms in a circle in front of your body, keeping elbows in: "Front to front to front, my baby"

Jump so both are standing next to each other with the same arm motions as before: "Side to side to side, my baby"

Jump one last time so both are facing with backs to each other with the same arm motions are before: "Back to back to back, my baby, this is how we do it.

The person in the middle then switches places with the person they were just dancing with and the game continues until everyone has had a turn in the middle.

Once everyone as gone, the entire group sings all of verses one last time while everyone (not just the partners) do the motions.


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