Calvert Hall is hosting a VEX Robotics Summer Camp for incoming freshman and rising 8th graders

VEX Robotics Summer Camp 2014

Session #1 3 Days
For beginners, a primer for those interested in joining a robotics team
Wednesday - Friday
June 18-20, 2014
The cost is $150 for Session #1
Instructor: Mrs. Renie Brown, Calvert Hall Robotics Coach

Campers who gain experience through the first summer camp are also invited to attend the second.

Session #2 5 Days
For those experienced in VEX, seeking advanced skills in design and programming and beginners. All Levels welcome!
Monday - Friday
July 28-Aug 1
9AM -3:30PM
The cost is $295 for Session #2
Instructor: Mr. Steve Borror, Calvert Hall Robotics Coach
At the camp, meet the 2013-2014 Calvert Hall Vex Team Members and see their robot in action. Additionally, learn about Vex Robotics Competitions, learn to build and program a robot, and learn to work on a team.

Lunch will be provided


None just an interest in learning about robotics, programming, engineering, design, competition and having fun.


Participants will get significant hands-on experience working in small teams (3-5) to construct a robot, and will compete against the other teams in a camp-wide tournament on the last day. Participants will learn brainstorming, collaboration and engineering design skills. In addition, the camp will include: -Overview of the 2013-2014 Vex competition game -Warm-up activities to meet other students interested in robotics -Discussion of alternative robot design and game strategy -Practice driving one of the existing high school robots -Overview of robotics programming using ROBOTC -Speakers in the field of robotics
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Submitted by: Steve Borror, (Robotics Director - Calvert Hall High School)

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