This is fun large group adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

To play, first review the standard rules of rock, paper, scissors, described at the end of this activity.

Ask players to spread out and find a partner. Each pair plays a best of three round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The losing player then stands behind the winning player and enthusiastically cheers for that player.

This new team then finds another team to play a new round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each time a team wins, it collects the other team's players, and they line up behind the unbeaten leader.

At the end, there will be two large teams, led by the unbeaten leader in front. After the final match, the celebration begins!

Traditional rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors...

Two players face each other and simultaneously throw out one of the following hand signals: rock, paper, or scissors.

Rock is formed by making a fist. Rock "beats" Scissors, by breaking them. Rock is beaten by the signal for Paper, as Paper covers Rock.

Scissors is formed by horizontally extending your middle and index fingers (a sideways peace sign). Scissors "beats" Paper by cutting it. Scissors are beaten by Rock, as Rock smashes Scissors.

Paper is formed by holding your hand out straight, with palm facing down. Paper "beats" Rock by covering it. Paper is beaten by Scissors, as Scissors cut Paper.

Generally, each player holds one hand out in front of their bodies and they simultaneously chant, "One, Two, Three, shoot" and on "shoot," both players display their signal. The player whose signal beats the other wins.


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