Two campers stand in front of the group and start playing rock, paper, scissors both choosing rock each time.

A third camper runs on stage and says, "You need to come up with a skit, fast," and then runs off.

One camper says to the other, "You do it!" The other camper remarks, "No you do it!" (Both start to look annoyed). The first camper then says, "Okay, I know how we can settle this."

The two start to play again (choosing rock every time.)

The third camper then returns to the stage: "Have you figured out a skit yet?" The first two campers look at each other then at the third.

Third camper: "Find one, now!" (walks off)

The two remaining campers again begin to argue before coming to the conclusion once again to settle it with a game of rock, paper, scissors (again choosing rock each time).

The third camper once again returns to find them playing.

Third camper: "Still nothing?"

The two look at him and shake their heads no.

The third camper finally says, "Fine, I know how we can settle this," all three start playing the game.

Do this for a few seconds, waiting for laughs, or lack there of, then walk off stage ending the skit.
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