Let the campers know before camp what the theme day will be so they can bring a costume if they want. Rockstar! was great because there are so many camp games that can be themed.

We did Predator prey or survival with rockstars as the top carnivore, roadies as the omnivores, and fans as the herbivores.

We also did a themed human clue game, had a "Camp Kaitoke idol" competition, and other themed activities including a 'tatoo parlor' with fake tatoos, a guitar hero competition (an air guitar comp would also have been awesome), newspaper reporters for our camp paper interviewing and taking photos, and costume creation for those without a costume.

We finished with a theme dinner and campfire.


Making sure the campers know about the theme A bit of prep altering your fav camp games so they are themed


  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Emily Robinson, (camp coordinator - YMCA Camp Kaitoke)

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